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I live in a rural area out in Montana, where there's no cable or wireless internet available. Been on DSL for 10 years and it looks like I finally have an option with Dish Network's satellite internet service.

Question is, how fast is the internet speeds? Also, how reliable is it?


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Looks like Dish has 3 bundled packages at this time which means you'll get the following pricing with the inclusion of a TV package.

5mbps download, 1 mbps upload for $39.99
10mbps download, 1 mbps upload $49.99
10 mbps download, 2 mbps upload $69.99



Pay attention to the data caps though, 5GB for the bottom two plans and 10GB for the most expensive plan isn't exactly a ton of data. In fact, one HD movie streamed through Netflix will probably take up more than half of the 5GB plan.


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Another consideration if you're considering satellite internet: Ping time.

Put simply, your signal has to travel 26,000 miles up AND another 26,000 back down. Even at the speed of light, there is a serious delay. You will never be able to use Skype or other IP phone service, and gaming is impossible.

Taken together with the very low bandwidth caps on satellite internet, you may be better off with DSL.

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