Dish network may competer with AT&T and Verizon wireless?


"Dish Network Corp. (DISH) is in position to be the most aggressive bidder in the first major U.S. airwaves auction in more than five years, which started today. The question is what the satellite-television operator will do with the bargain-priced frequencies if it wins.

Dish may use the frequencies to challenge leading mobile service providers Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc. (T), or it may act as a conduit and lease the airwaves so companies like Google Inc. and Inc. (AMZN) can provide mobile broadband service.
Chairman Charlie Ergen promised federal regulators that Dish will bid at least $1.56 billion in the nationwide sale of airwaves known as the H Block. The field is open for Ergen because the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, Sprint Corp., isn’t taking part after pushing for the auction, leaving a field of 23 bidders without the top U.S. mobile providers. "

Pretty interesting. Competition is usually good for consumers..or so they say. We can only hope for lower prices. I have yet tom see it in celleular services.

Dish Poised to Buy U.S. Airwaves in Wireless Push - Bloomberg

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