Ditching Satellite Internet

We are coming back to Time Warner for our internet. We tried satellite for a while and really grew to not like it. Anybody else have dealings with satellite internet and thoughts about it?
That would be true. It made our DirecTV bill a little cheaper. It would be a viable option if we lived in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get service from any other provider. If you can get cable or DSL, get it. Love the speed, hated the bandwidth cap.
Yup, the only time I used DirecTV, we couldn't get anything via cable or even over the air for that matter....just a geographic deal with where our home was located...OTA was like 2 channels when we tested it out which didn't make Momma happy. Best of luck!
Have Time Warner back and loving it. Really took it for granted when we didn't have it. It's been great to watch Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and not have to worry about our bandwidth.
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