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I built the coat hanger one from youtube with stuff I had lying around, I used thick copper wiring from a stripped out length of RG6 instead of coat hangers though. It works decent on analog, can't get anything with digital.
before my other home burned i had an antenna made from the storm door frame. where the frame screws to the hinges i stripped a bit of the middle wire from a regular coaxial cable cord, shielded the 'wire hair' from around it, and hooked the middle wire to the screw to the door frame. could pick up all but ABC with that setup. for some reason i could get a pegged 99-100% with everything else but ABC was always 'red zoning' and refused to try any higher.

Basically it was the same idea that used to be used on AM radios in cars, body antenna or something.


i'm quite pleased with the results with my DIY coat hanger antenna.

i'd consider trying the gray hoverman design, but the drawing is apparently a bit too cryptic for me.


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I do love the ingenuity here. I wish I were more industrious and technical with this kind of thing, but it's just not my forte. It is amazing what people can come up with on their own, though.


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IF you are really industrious you can build this antenna which is said to out preform the channelmaster 4228 and has a est. 100 mile range.

Design of The Gray-Hoverman Antenna - Digital Home Canada
This is actually a very old antenna that was revitalized by several experimenter around the world

From The Gray-Hoverman Antenna For UHF Television Reception - Digital Home Canada
Doyt R. Hoverman's original design for a television antenna was granted US patents #2918672 on 22 Dec 1959 and #3148371 on 8 Sept 1964, which expired in 1979 and 1984 respectively.

The antenna is actually easier to build than YouTube 4 bay whisker antenna because it's one long wire on each side and none of the feedlines between the bays.

There is also a lot of good discussion on this antenna on AVS by people that eclipse my understanding of antennas if you are interested.

How to build a UHF antenna... - AVS Forum
Hot Find: The Gray-Hoverman HDTV OTA Antenna - AVS Forum
Antenna Craft Gray Hoverman, Which One? - AVS Forum
New DIY antenna design from Slashdot - AVS Forum

and the original discussion on Digital Home forum
Introduction to the Gray-Hoverman TV Antenna (the original thread) - Digital Forum

Even more interesting is Antenna Craft if building them
AntennaCraft 4 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Outdoor TV Aerial for Local Off-Air Digital HD Four Bay Signal Fringe Reception, LIGHT GREEN ZONE, Part # G1483 | With 50' FT Coax Cable: Oak Entertainment Centers and Home Office Furniture, TV Antennas, Audio/Vide
AntennaCraft 16 Bay UHF Antenna HD TV Outdoor 36 Elements Extreme Deep Fringe TV Aerial with Stacking Booms and Mast Pipe for Local Off-Air Digital Off-Air HDTV Reception, BLUE ZONE, Part # Super G 1483 | With 50' FT Coax Cable: Oak Entertainment Cen
AntennaCraft 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Guaranteed to Out Perform All Other Outdoor 18 Elements TV Aerial for Local Off-Air Digital Fringe Reception, RED ZONE, Part # Super G1483 | With 50' FT Coax Cable: Oak Entertainment Centers and Home Office Furnitu

And they are talked about on Digtal Home
Radio Shack & AntennaCraft Super-G 1483 & Other Original Hovermans - Digital Forum

As an aside a gentleman compares the Gray Hoverman to the old CM4251 and had a CM4251
Stacked Super-G-1483 UHF antenna collinear package
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