Do commercials encourage you to buy things more, or do they turn you off?

Honestly it seems like there are quite a few television commercials these days that actually make me want to buy something LESS than if I had not seen them. Sometimes it's because the commercials annoy me or are seen too often, and other times they actually make the product look LESS appetizing, which can especially be the case with food or drink commercials. Anyone else feel this way?


I think folks who feel as you do are very rare. Generally, people would be turned off to commercials themselves, and therefore, worse-case, a commercial would have no impact.

I suppose if I saw one of the "Beef Board" commercials, I'd get even more turned off to eating animals, but that's only because I'm a vegetarian and therefore already negatively inclined toward the product they're selling.

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My girlfriend and I have both been in sales/marketing over the years and we consider ourselves 'immunized' from Commercials, with few exceptions. One exception would be PBS infomercials such as last year when PBS ran the Trans-Siberian Christmas Spectacular and offered tickets for their Seattle show or the PBS announcement about the forthcoming Red Green tour (unfortunately on a Sunday evening here).

I enjoy the Ford truck commercials where they say other truck manufacturers have the roundest tires or the straightest antenna (LOL) but I'm not going to buy one. However, if I needed a pickup truck I would buy a Ford.

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I just think that some commercials seem to be done in poor judgment, or sometimes such as the case with the Go Daddy commercials, they are geared towards a particular audience, despite the fact that many others end up getting turned off to them.

While I understand the point of gearing your commercials to target audiences, I still think they sometimes go a little bit too far, and other people outside the target audience get turned off more than should be necessary.


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I look at commercials as entertainment. Occasionally, I might see something, like a new fast food product or special, and I might act on that, but I'm not much of a product buyer because of commercials. Just because I adore the Energizer bunny doesn't mean I buy their batteries, for example.
But there are quite a few commercials that don't seem to be either helpful,entertaining, or even particularly inventive, so it's like they are just dead airtime space. You would think a commercial would at least attempt to connect with people and make them want to buy your product, but a lot of times that doesn't even seem to be happening,at least in my opinion.


I think your best assumption in such cases is that they're simply targeting someone else, and don't consider appealing to you to be especially worthwhile. Advertising is a big business. There isn't much that is done that isn't the reflection of very careful research and consideration of all the factors.

That is unless you're talking about the local used car lot, or the local junk store -- I suspect that many of those lower-end advertisers don't use advertising agencies, or have marketing departments, that employ such methods.
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... "Advertising is a big business. There isn't much that is done that isn't the reflection of very careful research and consideration of all the factors". ...
Bicker, :thumb:

BINGO! Can anyone say 'focus groups'?

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