Do you ever get burned out on a TV show?


There are certain TV shows where I was once so excited to watch, and couldn't ... but now that they're sitting right there on my Netflix/Hulu/Amazon queue, I can't bring myself to finish them. In most cases, it's not because the show got worse, it's something that I enjoy once I finally get back to it. I just don't feel the same urgency to watch or I'm not in the right mood. Yet I'm dying to watch other shows that aren't out yet. Why are we always after the next big thing? (That's more of a rhetorical philosophical question, I don't really expect an answer.)

Are there shows you get burned out on? How do you get yourself back into them (if you do)?


I got tired of 24. Every episode seemed to go to a resolution then Wham! Something happens right at the end. It became so predictable that I could not suspend disbelief any more. I felt like I was watching Groundhog Day.
Good questions...once again! 24 would be top of my list too, although I'm happy to have the later seasons on in my home as moving wallpaper. A lot of contemporary shows suffer from going nowhere fast, so it's not surprising that we want to opt-out, and it's not like we can't go back and try again once the show has gained momentum. I did that with Mad Men and Breaking Bad, which both have pretty mediocre early seasons but are superb after a while. Then there's the shows that start strong and burn out quickly - ones that never should have been more than mini-series like Homeland.

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