Does anyone play computer games?


I recently build myself a nice new computer, and it can handle pretty much any computer game out there right now. It is open for upgrades, and has plenty of room to add some more components if needed.

Does anyone else play computer games at all?


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I play WOW though I haven't for several months due to not having much time. There are some great PC games out there but be careful you don't get addicted. lol


Of course, most of us like to play computer games since we have an access to a computer. What could we do if there are no such things as a computer game?


I have alway liked computer games the best. I stopped getting new games some time ago, though. That is because the games are constantly changing the requirements to play them, so it's like you have to have a new computer to play a new game.


PC games are my all time favorites. I have been playing PC games since age 12. So far I had played more than 300 different types of games often exchanging various types of games from friends. And so far I have been less than an addict in PC games.
I liked them right up until the MMORPG games came out. i refuse to pay a monthly fee to play a PC/Mac game. the last game i liked that was 'new' was Deer Hunter 5. but not because of the theme, but because it was the one game i couldn't lose lol. i'd always try to prove the 'overpopulation' rhetoric wrong by simulating in the game your own herd and managing it. but i'd always get bored about 50% into the scenario. either way i lost interest in games after they all went graphical and more about 'winning' than mere gameplay fun.

The computer games i remember fondly (and still play through emulation) are Super Solver's Midnight Rescue, OutNumbered, and Oregon Trail

As far as the Deer Hunter Wizardworks series went, there was a version (i think it was 3 or 4) where the player could play as the deer. i always wanted to see how that one played out. but i cannot find a version for sale or online any longer.
You have forgtten that COD4 is best played on the PC? Its the best FPS game in the world and nobody can argue with that, too bad that many hackers ruin the game no matter what popular fps you play on the PC.

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