Does your kid smoke?


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Has your kid already gotten himself into bad smoking or drug abuse habbits? Like I said before, my kid (son) is still very young, so we haven't had any problems with that yet, but I was just curious.. what would you do if you found out that your kid is a hardcore smoker? O_O


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Nope, my son and daughter both do not smoke, I would never let them. If I EVER found out they ever touched a smoke, then they'd get in a LOT of trouble, but let's not worry about that sha'll we? :D


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How old is your son?

My son is currently 12 years old, and I doubt he smokes.. I'll have to be careful about that when he gets into highschool soon, but I still have a year to think about that, so yeah I'm all good.


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I don't know if my daughter ever smoked or not before, but hopefully she never has.. she's about 17 years old now, I don't know for sure if she did in high school, I'm going about 40-60 with this, since I trust my daughter a lot :D But then there's those unexpected outcomes.. which you can't do anything..