Dolby 5.1 surround sound



I have been a xfinity customer for about 5 years, moving from another area and cable company. One thing that has bothered me for some time is the audio feed from most if not all channels. It really came to light when I tried the free trial of sling tv last night. I was watching a version of the show chopped on sling tv. I could hear things in all of my 5.1 speakers... things rattling in the background, more like you should experience. I have never heard this on the xfinity version. Things like sporting events are not the same, I used to hear crowd noise from my speakers, more like you expect from a surround system.

I have the hdmi output from my xfinity 4k box going to a hdmi splitter, then that goes to my LG oled tv, and that feeds my 5.1 receiver with an optical cable.

Is xfinity broadcasting things without this audio ? I recently just set my xfinity receiver to expert mode with the audio output, not noticed anything really different..


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