DTV converter that doubles as RF Modulator?


Okay my parents and I still have a couple older TVs that don't have A/V inputs, so in order to connect a DVD player we have to either use an RF modulator or do a macrovision hack to the firmware to get the DVD player to allow us to run in through our VCR.

Now with the DTV converter being added to the picture, I'm thinking I'd like to get rid of some of the extra boxes, like the VCR, and this RF modulator thing if I can.

What I'm looking for is a DTV converter box that will double as an RF Modulator by having A/V inputs (not just outputs). So I can just leave the TV tuned to analog channel 3, and on the DTV box I can tune in all the digital channels or select the line input to get the DVD player.

Does anyone know of any models with the A/V input built in, or do I really have to have a separate box to serve as an RF modulator?


Thomas G

The only converter boxes that I've seen that come with AV inputs are the Digital Video Recorders (DVR) that also record content like a VCR except on a hard drive. Have you looked in to these? THey are a bit costlier than a regular dtv converter box.

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