DTV-Day Poll: Are you Ready?


Here's a fun poll I posted in several Yahoo Groups I subscribe to:

This is the final revision, I added the last three for comic effect in two groups. :)

DTV-Day Poll: One month from today, free-to-air TV will change forever - are you ready?

1) Yup! I got a DTV tuner/digital TV, a boosted antenna, and it's all set up!
2) Yup! I have switched to, or already have, cable, satellite, fiber optic or other paid TV service (includes episodes bought&downloaded to Xbox and/or cell phone)
3) Yup! I watch TV for free on my computer. (Includes streaming, Youtube and Hulu)
4) Sorta. I got a DTV tuner, but it's having issues with my antenna, the booster won't help it go through the concrete & steel walls. Can't get cable or satellite, so I'm stuck with watching videos. (Break room at work has this problem.)
5) Sorta. I got a DTV tuner, and a strong antenna - but reception is so bad, I can't get anything unless it's a real clear day out here, on the farmland/in the sticks.
6) Don't need it. Why, it's such a pretty day outside, there's lots of fun stuff to do out there! :playball:
7) Nope, I'm still shopping for a better DTV converter. The picture quality of the Sunkey/GE/etc. model I got is rubbish.
8) Nope. I'm planning on doing my "Elvis shooting a TV" scene that day.
9) I'll recycle the TV, I don't want the ghosts to get me or my kid. They're Here!
10) I'll recycle the TV, I don't want a lousy TV repairman to fix the TV to show me killing my wife in the future after she says, " Yonkers, Yonkers, Yonkers... "
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Jason Fritz

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No time like the present time to upgrade to a new HDTV:D If only he knew about DTV USA forum. He could have gotten help getting his converter box working properly;) I wonder what he'd do if the wife served up a bad meal.
haha, yeah we may have been able to help him but who knows, he may of just ended up shooting his computer too out of frustration. :D