DTVPal DVR Display Problem


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My software Ver is F208 if that's relevant.

Went to do an entry on a Timer Event, and noticed that there was no picture.
Usually, when I turn it on, it goes to the most recently recorded channel, and you can see the ongoing video and sound. This time, nothing !

Did a Channel up and down... no help, rescanned the channels...still nothing, did a power cord disconnect for about an hour, and reboot...still nothing.

All this time, when I selected a recorded program to watch, no problem, it displayed it as normal. Also, I viewed the Program Guide, and all the Channels were listed.
I even did a brief recording of the news, and it recorded perfectly, and displayed when i selected it for replay.

it will record programs and display them to the TV
but, when I try to watch regular Live OTA channels, there's blank screen
and a message...

"A-615 Signal Acquisition in progress."

Now, I understand what it says.. and allowed the unit to stay on,
where this event could take place.
It's been SIX hours now, and it's still "progressing" !
Anyone know just how long a "Signal Acquisition" is supposed to take ?

Or, have I accidentally toggled something which prevents
Live OTA from being displayed ?


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I know the DTVpal had some quality issues, so I hope your box hasn't decided it's time is up.
Are other tuners in your house getting signal? Maybe you're getting no signal (I know when a certain breaker in my house trips, it turns off my distribution amp, and "No signal" results)
Other than that - I just have the DTVpal Converter - so all I can tell you is that when I have a stubborn problem, a "System Reset" usually does the trick. Of course, you'll loose all the programming you've done, so I only do it as a last resort.


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Yes on the Reset, actually a ReBoot for the unit. Unplugged it, and let it boot, done that twice !
Since I posted, I returned to see if anything developed, and it had corrected it's self, at about 3PM.
BUT, when I went beak after supper, the message was showing again. So, "something" happened again.
Gees, I hate to take this off site, but, AVS may be able to help.