DTX9900 Converter Box Review


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Overall Setup Ease of Installation: A+
Overall Quality: B
Features: B

I recently purchased a Digital Stream DTX9900 from Walmart about a month ago. My total out of pocket cost was about $19.00 with tax, but I wanted a box with analog pass-thru and had read some decent reviews about it on Google.

My antenna setup is rabbit ears with no power and the TV is located in the family room, which has tile flooring, and high vaulted ceilings. The television broadcast tower is approximatelly 15 miles from my house.

After connecting the unit, I used the autoscan feature to automatically scan for digital channels. After approximately 5 minutes, the first channel that came up on the screen was ABC! A quick flip through the rest of the channels shows that the box picked up all of the available dtv channels, plus about 3 or 4 extra unneeded channels. You can easily edit those channels out, but I found that 2 of those channels could possibly programming in the future (The channels had a -2 behind them, and may be used in the future, but for now, I edited them out).

The signal reception indicator is my favorite feature on this box. It displays the reception by number and color code. Since hooking this box up I've experienced pixelation once or twice on bad weather days, but being that most of the days here in CA are sunny, I don't mind that much.

Out of all the channels, PBS had an amazing picture, and also offered 3 other channels of fine PBS programming (Don't knock me! I love PBS... lol).

The DTX9900 menu EPG (Channel Guide) has a nice layout.

For hearing impaired channel surfers out their, the Captions menu has the ability to customize caption font sizes, font styles, font colors, and background colors.

For parents, this unit also has a lock setting which can be adjusted per channel to prevent your children from watching adult oriented programming. I like the ability to change the password, as my kids are pretty smart about figuring electronics out.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the unit, I would have liked more features such as the ability to automatically change channels if I'm recording with my VCR, but it's definitely a cost effective way to go for upgrading to dtv.
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