DVR Not Recording Series for CBS Network - Time Warner TV

This question is about "DVR Not Recording Series for CBS Network", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Today I noticed for the first time that all my scheduled CBS series recordings were gone and I'm not able to record a TV show series on CBS, I can record individual shows on CBS and all other network series recordings work properly. I highly doubt this is an isolated problem just for me and suspect everyone using the Navigator guide is affected. I did call this in went through all the basic troubleshooting and sounded like the representative was able to duplicate this on her end. I did notice there are 2 airtime entries for every CBS show which may be causing the problem of not being able to record a series on that network. Hopefully a moderator will see this and comment along with escalation to investigate.

This topic covered DVR Not Recording Series for CBS Network, and TWC cable tv service.