DVR still working onXi6 boxes without an X1 box ???




I apologize if this has been discussed already, I didn't find it.

Yesterday my Pace XG1v3 box locked up, it kept trying and failing to update the firmware and the "Waiting for SNMP trigger" message stayed on screen for hours.

I called in for tech help and the 2 ladies that I spoke with in the course of an hour they both were very nice and tried thier best to help. Including sending new firmware to the X1, etc, etc, etc. But it did not change.

So, I checked my other TVs that have the Xi6 mini boxes and they were working just fine. I then unhooked the X1 assuming the other TVs would stop working. I was and am still amazed that they work perfectly without the X1 ! All my recordings are still there and play perfectly and programs still record.

SO... why do I even need to get the X1 box swaped for a new one ? Can I just use Xi6's ?

Thanks for any advice on this !


"DVR still working onXi6 boxes without an X1 box ???," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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