Question: DVR's for OTA, "Cutting the Cord" and replacing equipment.


Getting rid of FIOS and going with OTA and streaming internet only. I'm looking for feedback on any DVR experiences, good or bad. Specifically, what do you think about the "Simple TV" device. With a hard drive and network, I could use that to send recorded shows to any smart device in the house (including the TV's hooked up to my Amphenol Antenna). One side note: I was looking at Channel Master, but was told they are going out of business, or at least out of the ota dvr product line. Any suggestions?


About 3 months ago I purchased the Channel Master DVR+, the Remote Control Extender and !TB HD from Channel Master. I used a HDMI cable from Amazon and Ethernet cable tied to Hub I have installed behind my TV ( the Hub connects my DVR+ ,ROKU, Blue Ray to my Router – Yes the back of my TV is a Geeks playground, with all the HDMI cables Antenna Cable and connection for PC my wife won't go near it even to dust)
This was not a cheap en diver. ($377.98 with shipping) But I can't stand watching so many Commercials
I am in a great location and get about 25 English OTA channels. Because I get such a strong signal from my LP345F log periodic antenna I have a splitter (Not Recommended but works for me) in the antenna line behind the TV splitting the signal to the DVR+ and to the TV this way I can record two programs on the DVR+ and watch one on the TV at the same time if I want to. Otherwise you would only be able to record one and watch another.

*You would think that a 1TB HD was overkill, however in less then 3 months I am using about 27% of the hard drive and after watching and deleting it runs between 25 and 30 per cent of the HD.
*I have received 2 updates to the software on the DVR+ and I have not had any problems with software bugs in the system. I have never seen the downloads of the schedule of programs for the guide, but it is always there.
*My main reason for buying the DVR+ is to bypass commercials and that works great. When you are old like me, you get CRS and I would forget what I was watching and what was going on in the story after 10 commercials. What I have done so far – I am recording “the 100” and “24” and will watch them all in a row without commercials. This is a great way to enjoy these continuing stories.
*A lot of money YES but when you are not paying a Cable bill you will have the money.


Thanks, I saw your post previously. Did you note my comment that I was told Channel Master is no longer making dvr's or may be going out of business, not sure which?


Ok, I'll check it out. They do maintain a website and the DVR+ looks like it has everything. Thanks. BTW, it was the on-line company "Solid State" that told me Channel Master is no longer doing business. They probably lost their contract and trying to move people over to the Simple TV product.


With the Channel master DVR+; If the device is hooked up to the house router, can you access the dvr recordings and channel guide from other tv's or devices on the home network or do you need to have the sling box to do that?


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Channel Master has just released that new DVR. Their previous DVRs ranged from good to disaster. I think the new one is good from the early reviews. At least they are designed in the USA by someone who understands US TV.

TiVo also offers a DVR that can record OTA broadcasts - I've seen them at Walmart on clearance for about $80 in the past few months, but they require you to buy a subscription to the TiVo program guide.

I'm using a Mediasonic HW-150PVR HomeWorx and an iView 3500STBII to record. Neither of them are perfect - they both use the PSIP info provided by broadcasters for their program guide, and both only record one show at a time. And they suffer from the same sort of little problems most cheaply made Chinese designed products do. But they allow me to time shift, record shows, and skip commercials. At about $40 each plus the cost of a hard drive, they're an inexpensive solution.


I like the capabilities of the "Simple TV" device, but I'm not seeing much history or reviews. Does anyone on this forum have any info regarding Simple TV?

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