Does anyone have a DVR thru Direct TV? I think I would really like the convenience of recording shows I watch, but I am not sure yet about the extra expense.


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I have a DirectTV DVR as one of my receivers. I love it. I can record two shows at the same time or I can record one show and watch another channel. It comes in handy when there are primetime shows I like that are on at the same time. Every once in a while there are three things on I want to watch and I have two things record on that and watch the third on my other television or record it with my DVD recorder with that non-DVR receiver. Overall I have been very pleased with the DVR and find it very worth the extra monthly fee.


I couldn't see much use for a DVR until I got one. Most people have had the same experience. Once you get one, it really does change the way you watch TV.

There's even a DVR for OTA, with no monthly fees.
I have 2 dvr's one in the bedroom and living room both with ota tuners it is so nice being able to record my tv series or movies I want to watch but not home when there on its the greatest thing since internet. lol