Early '70s vintage DIN connector (male)

I'm presuming British or European manufacture. It was used as a plant-on detailing part for several props and sets in Star Wars in 1976, so it'd have to pre-date that. It shares similar features with most DIN plugs one runs across, but you can see from the images that the plug body is a bit stubby and its grooves are distinctive, the "tail" of the plug is solid -- no slits to give it more flex, and the coiling of the cord starts RIGHT at the end of the plug, where all the cords I've found -- modern and vintage -- have a good "leader" of straight cord before the coiling starts.

It might raise a few eyebrows, but we Star Wars costumers and prop-replicators pride ourselves on how many of the "found" parts used throughout the films we've been able to identify and source -- pen holders, dental components, turntable parts, plastic sliding track for cabinet doors, et cetera ad very much nauseum. :p This is one of the ones that has remained elusive for decades of research.

Here's hoping. :)



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I'm stumped. Perhaps a picture of the front of the connector so we can see the pins inside would be helpful.
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