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This question is about "Emails not getting through cause harm, Spectrum should be liable", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Important emails are not getting through. For instance my wife and I are liable for a $377 plane ticket because we did not receive the duplicate reservation from Southwest. The server is not delivering emails from my employer, one of my doctors, a long-time personal friend, and the online pet store where i shop. The worst thing is I have no idea who is being blocked unless they tell me.

Satch from user support states, "Spectrum no longer updates the old legacy TWC Road Runner email servers. As a result, many of the problems that you describe, like emails not going through, are common. Road Runner is fifteen years old."

The small amount we are out is not worth a lawyers fee to me, but should any large harm come of this negligence, such as a blocked message with an important medical outcome or appointment, I urge the user to litigate, I will be glad to be a party, this slapdash IT is offensive to this professional.

Satch's claim that the server itself is 15 years old is a lazy excuse. The is simply a domain name and can easily be served by a newer IMAP server. It seems the company simply doesn't want to maintain an email server at all, but doesn't have the integrity to say so. Or want to provide users with either notification or transition plan.

Restating my point, simply ceasing to maintain an email server without providing user support is negligent.

I've printed satch's statement and am thinking about a lawyer.

Emails not getting through cause harm, Spectrum should be liable?

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