ER: Past and Present Collide?


Watching a recorded episode of Knight Rider the new should be rated x version, I just saw a commercial for ER that was aired last night. It said that the old and knew were coming together. It showed Dr. Green from the older episodes and some newer characters. Anybody care to share what happened with the show?
Dr. Green?? hehe My older brother was a huge fan of the original show, and I can remember him watching that show often. I don't remember a Dr. Green at all. do you think that people that watched the original show are actually tuning into the new one?
When I saw the commercials I was like "wtf? Oh god, no, they're pulling a Lost!" - I didn't get to watch it, but my sister said he appeared in flashbacks... new footage though. Who else reappeared?
Dr Green, Dr Romano, to name two that were on. The episode was very good! It was a big tear jerker so if you don't like that sort of thing then beware you are fore warned. It has to do with the new Chief of Staff and the reason she is so upset about children that come into the ER. I have not been happy about this being the last season as I have been a fan from the word go on this show but this one was very well written and played out!