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I've just moved into a new place. I have Xfinity internet and went with streaming cable. I have a TCL TV with Roku. I have the network gateway working. The internet service is great and coverage is strong. Signal to the set lists out as "Excellent". Neflix, Prime, Disney+, Youtube, you name it all stream perfectly. Now to the problem.

I downloaded the app to the TV. I follow the instructions to sign in, go to the website, punch in the code. My browser on my laptop tell me success. My TV tells me, "This device can only access Xfinity stream on your in-home Xfinity Wifi. ...." And I see Error: TVAPP-00101. I contacted customer service and they were of no help.

I don't know if this complicates things but we have 2 accounts at 2 separate addresses. The two accounts are linked. The other account was the primary account. That account is internet only. The new account that I'm attempting to stream on is internet and tv (no set top box). I can stream on by laptop browser. I switched the new account to primary and tried it again last night. No joy.

Am I doing something wrong with the initialization? I can't seem to make a choice when it comes to activating the service as to which account it is. Any ideas? I see a lot of threads here and read through a bunch of them. Maybe they pertain, but I don't even know if I'm logging in correctly at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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