ESCORT And Dyle Mobile TV Bring Live Television To iOS Devices


ESCORT and Dyle Mobile TV Bring Live Television to iOS Devices | Business Wire

ESCORT MobileTV - Escort Inc. Escort Mobile Digital TV (Black) for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Car Electronics

ESCORT MobileTV Receiver

Looking for a new and exciting way to watch top sports, news and entertainment programming live and on-the-go? ESCORT MobileTV™ uses the latest technology to receive major network programming so you can enjoy your favorite shows on-the-go. Simply plug the miniature ESCORT MobileTV™ receiver into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Download the free iDTV USA app with Dyle™ mobile TV from the Apple App Store. Once you open the app, it app will connect with the receiver and you’ll be watching TV. It’s really that simple. And because the ESCORT MobileTV™ receiver doesn’t use WiFi or 3G to access live TV, you won’t tap into your data plan! Other state-of-the-art performance and features include a built-in rechargeable battery, 10-minute pause and resume functionality and automatic channel scanning.
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