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Denny D

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Just a second here Denny, aren't your EZ-HD antennas manufactured by Winegard?
Yes, the EZ HD is manufactured by Winegard and so is the RCA ANT751R. A few years back I took the EZ HD design to Winegard and they developed it for manufacturing. A short time later RCA decided they also wanted the EZ HD antenna. Winegard and Denny's Antenna came to an agreement that would allow RCA to distribute the antenna as (at that time) the ANT 751. It is now the ANT 751R.

The whole idea of the EZ HD antenna design was to produce a small less obtrusive antenna that can be mast mounted, wall mounted and is small enough for most attics and still provide excellent signal gain across the entire high band VHF and UHF frequencies that are now in use. Inch for inch I don't think there's a better performing VHF/UHF antenna on the market. Winegard did an excellent job tuning this antenna for today's digital TV frequencies. As you probably know most of the smaller antennas on the market fail to provide good even signal gain across the entire high band VHF and UHF signal frequencies. The EZ HD does and it's an excellent choice for strong to moderate signal strength areas. In weak signal areas a larger antenna will likely be needed.
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