Favorite old school system/games

What is your favorite old school system? Atari? Do you still like some of the older games where you only had black and white with minimal graphics? Or even some of the other games like Centipede?
I still love the Original Nintendo Entertainment System which came packaged with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, the very first FPS hunting sim i can recall which was infamous for the dog which laughs very much like Muttley from Dick Dastardly fame but infuriated anyone who missed the ducks.

It's too bad the 'light gun' couldn't have evolved into the PC Gaming age, perhaps then Games like Deer Hunter 1-5 and up would be more realistic and maybe eliminate the real thing. or add realism to FPS games today.
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I like the original Nintendo version though they might have poor graphic quality when compared with the current ones. Playing Super mario in those systems kindles my sweet experience of playing games during my young days.
back when beating your friend's high scores superceded winning the entire game.

Back then games were fun whether you won or lost. now it's all about beating x games which makes you popular in gaming, which is where i lost interest.


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My favorite is Family Computer! Does anyone of you know the game Final Fantasy? If you want to know where it all started you should have a family computer.
I still love the Original Nintendo Entertainment System which came packaged with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt
AMEN! Couldn't agree more. Those are the first games I remember ever playing, and I still love them.

Anyone remember the 3DO? Didn't last long, and I never hear it mentioned anymore... but I used to LOVE Dragon's Lair and Road Rash when I was little.
No but i remember an equally short-lived system, the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. nice systems, the Dreamcast could connect to internet and everything and sadly it was gone in favor of Playstation 2. :(

Duck Hunt was infuriating if you had bad aim or just plain missed and the dog would laugh. i tried so many times to shoot and kill that dog but i never could. i heard in the coin-op version VS. Duck Hunt you can kill the dog. he goes blackfaced like an old cartoon character and says 'Ouch! Shoot the DUCKS, Not ME!!!' lol


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So many...

Atari 2600:
asteroids, duck hunt, Missle command, Battlezone (altough the arcade Battlezone was much better)

Burget Time!

Timex / Sinclair 1000: 1K chess

Vic 20:
Bandits (the Vic's small screen made this a FAST game!), radar rat race.

Commodore 64:
Text adventures like Hitchikers Guide, Winter games, Caveman Ugh_lympics, world games, and Zaxxon!

I'll end there, I'm showing my age now.


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Hands down - Centipede. There used to be an online game I found once that was kind of fun, but it disappeared from the web. It's my favorite game, without a doubt. I wonder if someone else has it online somewhere.


Time Pilot was my all time favorite arcade game. My favorite old school computer game (on the OLD Tandy Color Computer) was Dungeons of Dagoreth (sp) and I would have to give the classic Nintendo as my favorite system (with Final Fantasy as my favorite game)