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I want to see if this is anybody else's experience. For xfinity TV x1 box, if you press Guide twice you get a "Select Your Guide View" screen. My default guide view is Favorites which I selected from my initial setup under Xfinity/Settings (gear) and haven't changed. The setting on this Guide/Guide screen is sometimes Favorites sometimes Trending. If I change it from Trending to Favorites I may find it changed back to Trending 5 minutes later.

What is the purpose of this screen? What causes it to revert? I ask because I see my right arrow Mini Guide sometimes includes channels that are not among my Favorites but I'm guessing are "Trending." Why doesn't my Mini Guide limit itself to my Default Guide? Why can't I get Favorites to stick?

After a couple of box refreshes, I talked to customer service and they say that this is a new "feature." If it's true I don't see how this benefits anybody. Anyone have an explanation?

"Favorites and Mini Guide," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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