Feedback/Suggestions: XFINITY Stream on Roku - XFinity

I've been using the Stream app on Roku for a month or two now and for the most part I'm fairly pleased.

The major problems I've had are what it lacks:

One of the main things I've needed to use the app for is access to On Demand versions of TV Shows that were interrupted on my local channels due to local news/national news interruptions, but the app only gives the cloud dvr recorded copy that was interrupted.. no access to the on demand versions.

Another feature missing for me is the lack of "To Go" channels which are often helpful for when local news are interrupting programs.

It would be nice if the devices had some privacy or keep what you do on the device not shared with other devices. Unfortunately, I've also given this sort of feedback for the X1 system for about 8+ years, as they still don't have "user profiles" or the ability to separate a person's viewing activity or recordings from the other household members, for ease of access and privacy. Netflix and Windows have had user profiles for ages.

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