Question: Film mode option??

On roughly 35 retailer sites you can find ad copy hailing the "film mode option" of the RCA ANT751 or ANT751R. For instance, here: Summit Source -- RCA ANT 751

The revolutionary Film Mode option, along with intelligent signal processing of the TruScan Digital Reality feature, recognizes incoming video signals and progressively converts them to achieve optimum digital picture performance. It also recognizes when original film sources have been modified and can convert the analog frame rate back to its original format to bring out the detail.
Sounds like gobbledygook to me, but what do I know?? I looked at the manual. No mention of the any film anything or any mode, nor any way to turn it on or off.

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Rick I followed your link it took me to a Summit Source page not Solid Signal. Two very different companies. I find no mention of film mode on the Solid Signal page.
Thanks for the correction. No, the reference is on the page (Summit Source) actually linked, as well as many others. I tend to get those two companies confused.

"Film mode" is also expunged from the biggest online retailer, namely amazon dot com. I think what happened is ad copy got mixed mixed in with the ad for some HDTV. I guess some HDTVs have a film mode. Maybe they tried to fix it, but it's pretty tough to find every ad on the internet. Just a guess ...