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This weekend I once again had problems getting my Tivo to work, I kept getting the dreaded V58 error (which has occured several times this year after almost 15 years no problem, forcing me to contact the cable card department and spend my time trying to get it to work). I also had gotten a new smart TV that would not connect to my network even though the modem was feet away from it. I did the online chat and while I finally got it to connect, I was informed my modem was not compatible with the internet speeds I had signed up for and been paying for. This was the first time an employee informed me of this.

On Sunday (4 days ago) I finally upgraded from the old legacy equipment including the old modem from 2013 to X1 (main box plus two DVRs, I also have voice which I dont use, I even paid the extra and got XFi advantage.

First of all when I brought my equipment in to be upgraded the employee took a look at my modem and saw I had been paying for the Gigabit Internet with a modem that was not compatible. This was the second employee to inform me of this. I had been paying for internet speeds I was not receiving for at least the past 6 months which is when I re-signed up my plan. The employee was shocked it had not been caught by the system and said it was a "one in a million chance" it was missed. So that's just great and don't even get me started on what I dealt with when I resigned up for this plan back in March. They have no problem taking $250 from me every month for services I was not even getting. I also spent almost 90 minutes at the Xfinity store doing this upgrade and at no fault of the employee, their computer system just wouldn't do what it needed to do and he had to call their main center to have them do it which also took the woman on the other end a while to do.

Anyways I was patient and dealt with it. Then I spent the afternoon setting everything up and re-setting up everything in my house connected to wifi which included my non- comcast security system. That day, not even 2 hours into using the system it was already freezing up. I was just trying to re-set up all my series recordings and twice it froze requiring me to unplug the box. Of course doing that meant the other people in my home were disrupted because the other boxes also reset when you do that.

Every day since I have had to unplug and reset this unit at least once, sometimes twice. I also noticed the box I was given was still quite dirty from obviously whoever had it last time. I understand boxes will not likely ever be given "new" but it was visibly dirty. Unacceptable in my opinion. I have also had to reset the modem which I'm sure you all know takes 10 mins for the main box to turn back on and then several more for the other boxes to turn on as well. I lost recordings because of this. I am also having audio sync issues which are only remedied by once again, unplugging and resetting the box. This is so ridiculous. FOUR DAYS I have had this system. I waited so long to upgrade because I knew of problems with it from other people I know but I did it anyway.

So this year I have been paying for internet speeds I was unable to get because of incompetence on the part of the person who signed me up for the new plan (who by the way, also deactivated my cable card during that time, giving me wrong pricing because they took off my cable card and then having to deal with getting that set back up). Then I apparently "fell through the cracks" and the "system" didnt notice I was using an incompatible modem. Then a channel I had been paying for that was included in my plan (Cinemax) was removed and replaced with an inferior On Demand channel Hitz with no change in plan price. And regardless, I was paying for the TV channel, not something On Demand so no it is not equivalent. And now I am dealing with constant system issues.

I can't wait for a customer service rep to tell me to swap the box out or even worse, have a tech come out. I have already spent way too much of my time dealing with this. We pay so much a year for this and get NOTHING when their employees, their system and their equipment fails.

Up until this year I had little to no problems with Comcast and when people would complain about them, I would defend them by saying I had no issues. Obviously I jinxed it.

What do I need to do to first of all get what I am paying for? Second of all, get credit for what I paid for but was not recieving and third of all, get equipment that does not require daily reboots? I mean the latter is not too much to ask and am hesitant to swap the box out because if I do, and I have the same problems...what will be done for me wasting so much of my time? Nothing that's what.

I wish I never upgraded. I should've just got the new modem.

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