How are you saving money in this economy? Have you had an success with saving for college or retirement? Do you buy stocks or bonds? What kind of advice can you give to help others, financially? Perhaps you have questions that others can help you.


Tax Rebate

Hey, I heard that we may be getting another stimulus check? Anybody else heard anything about it? Are we getting it before the end of the year? It sure would be great to get one before Christmas. Talk about getting a Christmas bonus. That would be great. :D


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iluvtv, you may want to check into the stimulus check for 2008, I think you only have a few months to file for it!

I know that I am personally riding my bike to and from school every day, and only driving me jeep during the weekend. Gas has come down a lot per gallon, but college costs still seem to keep rising. I don't get it either, I go to a decent state school, but the increase in costs per credit are rediculous.

My parents are cutting back by driving less and bargain shopping for food.


Hey Aaron, I understand what you're talking about with those college costs. They have gotten way out of hand. A college education cost more than a mortgage and they somehow expect you and/or your parents to be able to do both. I have 3 kids to put through college and a mortgage to pay, I have no idea how I'm gonna accomplish it.

BTW, I appreciate the advice on the 2008 tax rebate. I got one earlier this year in May. But, I heard that the government had approved another one before the end of the year. I sure hope so, with the economy the way it is, it sure would help.


We have money coming straight out of my husband's paycheck and going into his companies 401K plan. His company matches 4% of his income. So, that was a good incentive to get started. I am surprised at how quickly it is adding up.