Fios reps seen in WalMart


I was in WalMart the other day and noticed a red shirt, obviously Verizon garb, on a you man. Then there was a slightly older go-getter with an unbranded white shirt. He had all the enthusiasm of a hungry sales guy. Seems he was walking up to shoppers, asking about their internet provider. The "PoPPop" guys just kinda stared and then walked away. These guys are in the late 60s and probably don't do the web too much. Not profiling, just reporting. I knew what the white shirt was up to. I wanted to tell him he needs to wear a logo because people are confused by strangers asking questions without a brand somewhere on their body. He approached me and I, of course, said Fios. This caused him to High-Five me. I am not sure why, especially since he was probably getting a commish on sign-ups. His young charge was tasked with signing people up on an iPad. There were promises of a free Tablet and $300 in gift cards. A friend, who due to job situations, was working the register...said he signed up but was dubious of getting the money and tablet. I am afraid he fell for the "You need more wifi for all those kids and devices and vices and mices." But who knows. Maybe he does suffer from Low mean Low W...ifi.