FM Reception


Looking for advice to improve FM reception on Sony ICF-CDK50 undercabinet kitchen AM/FM clock radio. AM reception is good. Manual cautions to fully extend power cord which serves as FM antenna - it is. Reception improves when I stand near or touch the radio. Clear weather reception is better than rainy days. No connections on unit for exterior antenna. Not experiencing any interference from nearby microwave, oven and refridgerator.


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Sorry but we seemed to have missed your post here.

Your situation is a toughie, but as a comparison, Antennas in general rely on different length of their elements, to tune/favor certain frequencies.

Why don't you try adding an Extension Cord to the power cable of your radio. That would extend the length, and may alter your reception patterns. Won't hurt to give that a try.

On the other direction, which is pretty drastic...
You might try shortening the length of the power cord, using a Repairable Plug if it presently has a Molded Plug on it.

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