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I don't get a chance to watch much television but when I do I typically tune into the Food Network Channel. I love to cook and I have gotten great meal ideas from some of the featured chefs. My favorite show to watch is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Guy is hilarious to me and the show makes me want to travel to some of the cities he visits. I was really impressed when I saw a restaurant on the show that is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is not too far from me so it felt like he was in my hometown. I believe that you should gain something from watching television instead of wasting time watching senseless shows. Now that I'm thinking about it I'm about to turn the television on now, Chopped is on.
My little sister got me into watching chopped. Being that I am an ex-grill cook of 2 years experience. I love to talk about different foods and how they should be prepared, different things like that. As for cooking my man is a great cook. He is one of those people like my mother who can cook practically anything and even make up recipes of their own by taking things, and just mixing them together. Some people might be afraid to experiment when it comes to food. But sometimes it's cool to experiment with food and create dishes of your own. I have been cooking a lot lately. But before than he was the one cooking. I let him do the cooking thing. While I work, go to school and come home take care the baby. Now that I'm unemployed him and I have swapped places., I'm the stay at home parent and he's making the ends meet. Any how I'm getting off topic.

But did you see the episode of chopped where one of the cooks dropped the meat on the floor , than picked it up and actually cooked it in oven. When the food was done he tired to serve that dish to the judges and they brought it to his attention that they actually saw him do that. Of course he was automatically disqualified, he definitely disrespected the HACCP and food laws. I was like wow, did he just try to be slick and pick it up real fast , thinking the judges did not catch him. I don't think I can recall who the man named guy is, but if I see his face, I probably would remember or recall. A long time ago I use to watch the Asian man named Simply Ming. Asian food is great and so tasteful. He had a lot of neat recipes from back home. I forgot where he is from, but I believe China. Ginger was one of the things he would mostly use in his food. Then again most Asian people use ginger and other natural ingredients of that sort, which is why they're so healthy. I would have to say that I very rear hear of an Asian person with an illness and they tend to live long as well.


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Even if the judges missed something like that, the staff would make them aware. They have safety protocols in place. Food in entertainment can be outrageous but the choice to eat food in certain conditions or not has to be the eater's choice and not someone thinking they are getting away with something.