For Travel Trailers/Campers?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I travel a lot and kinda live in my camper when I'm working and I have been seeing a lot of Direct TV things on the campers. I am wanting to check into getting this. Do any of you have any info about this? Is it a certain special type plan or what? thanks
I would think that it's a certain plan...but your best bet is to call their customer service and ask about it...or if you see a camper that has it approach them and ask them what they do to get the directv in their campers.


Yeah, it's pretty cool. My inlaws travel in a motorhome and they have Direct TV service. They have to set up the dish where ever they actually park to get the reception in that area. Direct TV actually has a mobile satellite that folds up for easy storage and you can take the receiver back and forth from your RV to your house. You can actually get a satellite that mounts onto your RV while you are driving now. It is definitely worth looking into.

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