For you Fringe Fans: J.J. Abrams Interview

The interview was online by this website: J.J. Abrams | The A.V. Club

I thought this was kind of shocking:
AVC: You didn't direct the Fringe pilot.

JA: No, I was directing Star Trek, and the studio didn't want me to put that on hold so I could go do my TV thing. [Laughs.]
So, J.J. didn't direct the most popular episode so far? Kind of interesting. My BF and I have seen a couple of episodes. It's good, but I think we're bigger fans of J.J. Abrams other work (Ahem, "Cloverfield").


Staff member
Thanks for the link Christy! J.J. is a great director! Definitely one of the best in the industry. His knack for action flix with a good storyline is always a sure thing. Does he have any movies coming out this next year? I think they're working on a "Cloverfield 2" right?