Forget Luke-Laura-Scotty. Now It's Spencer-Emma-Cam As 'General Hospital' Love Trio!


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As a long time (as in decades) viewer of soap operas, or as they are now referred to in a more politically correct phrase, daytime dramas, I have been thoroughly amused and amazed by the latest love triangle on 'General Hospital.' Move aside Scotty-Laura-Luke, Robin-Patrick-Sabrina, and any other adult trio currently or in the past, the kids are taking over, and no, I do not mean young adults or even teenagers. In fact, these kids are not even tweeners! They are truly little kids, age five to nine, but they have found themselves in the thick of some heavy GH storylines, including their own love story!

The female part of the equation is Emma Drake, the daughter of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake. Born in 2008, Emma has gone from innocent newborn to the object of young boys' hearts. Played by Brooklyn Rae Silzer since 2011, Emma is a beautiful young heroine, a figurative princess torn between two boys.

One of her admirers is Spencer Cassadine, born in 2006. Well, technically, his name is Prince Spencer Stefan Niklosovich Cassadine. His parents are the late Courtney Matthews and Nikolas Cassadine. Mostly seen as a baby in the first couple of years, Spencer returned to Port Charles in 2013, now played by Nicolas Bechtel. The young prince is characterized by a wealthy and somewhat snobbish attitude, albeit cutely played most of the time to keep him lovable.

Then there is Cameron Spencer. Yes, these two boys are cousins. Spencer Cassadine was actually named for Nikolas' siblings, Lucky and Lulu Spencer. His parents are Elizabeth Webber and the deceased Zander Smith. Born in 2014, his adoptive father is also Lucky Spencer. In 2013, Michael Leone took over the role from Braeden Walkes, who had portrayed Cameron for six years.

Clearly, the GH producers were looking for a couple of boys to vie for Emma's affections when recasting the roles last year. It has played out beautifully. Fans have even made videos dedicated to the affair, such as this one below.


The intriguing thing about the triangle is that it really encapsulates the GH past by the simple nature of who these children are. Emma's grandfather is Robert Scorpio, spy and best friend of Luke Spencer. Luke, Lucky's father, is Cameron's adoptive grandfather. Robert and Luke fought together for years to rid the world of the Cassadine clan whose matriarch was Helena, the grandmother of Nikolas. Though she is, for now, dead (dead is merely a word on soap operas anymore; dead just does not mean what it used to on these shows), Helena is still a presence, as indicated by the recent return of one of her sons, Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis created the role decades ago and was delightful to watch in his brief return to the role this year). Thus, the whole Spencer/Scorpio/Cassadine feud is in essence reborn in an entirely new way, three kids under the age of ten.

The little ones have been at the thick of several plots, including crazy Heather Webber's kidnapping of Carly. Just this week, Spencer found himself in the middle of the whole mystery surrounding the conspiracy to take down Sonny Corinthos for which Luke is at the center of apparently. How the world revolves on soap operas. Truly, it is a small world on the tube.

While Emma is pretty the much the darling little princess she has always been and while Cameron pretty much is the average boy on the block, the thing about Spencer's snobbishness has been that it went from cute to a bit abrasive and pretty much overkill last week during a big party when Emma finally chose Cameron over the prince. It was hard to believe that Spencer would be that arrogant considering he has been raised by the more level-headed Nikolas (whose step-dad, by the way, is also Luke Spencer since Luke was famously wed to Nikolas' mother, Laura Webber). Fortunately, a little conversation with his Uncle Sonny brought a bit of perspective to the lad. Yes, they are related. Courtney was Sonny's half-sister, their father having been Mike Corbin. Oh, and let us know forget that Laura and Elizabeth are cousins, too, since Laura is the adoptive daughter of Rick Webber whose brother Rick Webber is the father of Elizabeth.

There is no way of knowing if GH will remain on the air long enough for the Cameron-Emma-Spencer triangle to truly bloom, or if they will stick with these kids at their current ages. Soaps are notorious for aging (in both directions) youthful characters (in fact, they have already messed with the kids' ages), but for the moment, these three are more interesting than most of their adult counterparts!