Fox News channel pixelated and sound problems - XFinity

Fox News channel is ONLY channel on my Xfinity TV having issues with pixelating and poor sound quality. This has been happening the past few weeks. Is this intentional?

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Robert m Ventura.

Savannah GA customer.

My fox news channel is pixelation , the sound is also off and on along with the picture. I'm thinking this is deliberate because all the other channels are ok. I am prepared to switch to dish if it doesn't clear up.


Comcast silencing Fox News

I too am experiencing this issue and it is happening almost daily. I think it is deliberate and I am not a consperacy tyoe of person but it ONLY happens with Fox news. All other channels are fine. Seems pretty starnge to me and upsetting knowing now I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

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