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Mike from MA

The same here, Do we jump ship to Verizon? Between Twitter Yahoo etc.. we need to collectively change services

Mike from MA

Everyone who has this problem should call FOX or better yet, the FCC. We've had this same problem, only with FOX, the past year or more. We call Comcast, get the run-around, check this, check that, we'll send a signal. An hour later everything is fine, and then a month or so later, it happens again. The reason I am on this site today is because it's happening again and the debate is tonight. Now I have to spend an hour of my day dealing with Comcast. OK, I'll do that, then I'm calling the FCC. Better yet, I'll call them first. Hopefully, they have not been politicized.
Hi, Have you reached out to the FCC? Just curious on the response


Comcast silencing Fox News

I too am experiencing this issue and it is happening almost daily. I think it is deliberate and I am not a consperacy tyoe of person but it ONLY happens with Fox news. All other channels are fine. Seems pretty starnge to me and upsetting knowing now I am not the only one experiencing this issue.
I am also having same issue in Florida. If we are to believe this is coincidence right before the election they must think we are stupid. I am pissed!

Ralph Cooper

Fox News channel is ONLY channel on my Xfinity TV having issues with pixelating and poor sound quality. This has been happening the past few weeks. Is this intentional?

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I, too, have the picture of three people which has remained the same for two days now and there is no sound. Other cable channels are working fine but the FOX channel (48 on my system--Xfinity) is just static. The picture is not active at all. I'm in Mount Vernon, GA.


Today, 7/14/20, during Fox News coverage of President Trump's press conference, it was so glitchy and pixilated with poor sound quality, I tried other channels. All other channels were crystal clear. The only way to watch his press conference at that moment was through CNN. Seems fishy to me. This is through Xfinity/
comcast. This would be a serious issue if Xfinity is choosing what the public can and can't see based on political leanings.
I experienced the same! We need to contact and demand a refund of service or contact their supervisors. Is it the FCC???

Bill Bennett

I've had the same problem for news only. Every other channel is clear and commercials not effected. This must be happening close to the source before it goes out to providers because it seems to be happening nation wide regardless of equipment or provider.

Plano TX Fios

Fox news and fox business are having horrible issues on frontier. The probability of this being an accident is extremely low. The volume of people watching excuse is bogus. If that were true, the problem would have existed for the last several years and especially during the election coverage. It is scary what is happening to our freedom.

C J Riggs

10-16-2021, 6:35pm. Watching the UW vs UCLA on Xfinity cable TV. Picture OK, but sound is being broadcast in Spanish (and not in English)! I live in Sammamish, WA. This is a huge mistake! What is the problem and why Spanish but not English? Very irritating!!!!!

Wake up Xfinity!


My fox news channel is pixelation , the sound is also off and on along with the picture. I'm thinking this is deliberate because all the other channels are ok.
Same here. Totally deliberate gotta be delusional to think it is not.
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