Free Antennas to Former Aereo Subscribers!

Fresh off the major networks' Supreme Court victory over Aereo, the National Assn. of Broadcasters helpfully pointed Aereo's erstwhile customers to a special offer from Antennas Direct: a free rooftop TV antenna! That's a $130 value, yours (if you're one of the first 1,000 to submit an Aereo bill) for just $10 in shipping charges!
Read more here: Hey broadcasters, a free antenna isn't a replacement for Aereo****-****Los Angeles Times

The antenna is a ClearStream 2 Complete antenna with 30 feet of coaxial cable and a 20” J-Mount (MSRP $129.99). Offer is onlu good through July 6 or "while supplies last" so get a move on! You will need to apply and upload your bill here:

Dear Aereo:

I have a solution that could allow you to use your high-tech infrastructure and stay in business, while remaining within the Supreme Court guidelines. The court was concerned that you "look like" a cable company to the consumer, since from the consumer's point of view, there's no difference in the experience of using Aereo versus a basic tier CATV package. The justices also expressed concern that you could broadcast signals from anywhere in the world to any subscriber, even though you don't currently do so.

Therefore, I suggest you address both those concerns.
1) Stop swapping antennas in and out on an ad hoc basis. Rent one specific antenna to each individual subscriber. Let a subscriber keep his or her antenna until the contract expires.
2) Stop offering the onscreen TV guide. Simply direct people to Titan TV and let them set up their own guides on a computer. Nearly everyone using Aereo has a computer connected to the broadband internet required for access.
3) To distance yourself even further from a cable company, consider discontinuing your cloud DVR service. Instead, you could write a software program that performs DVR functions on the computer, and sell it separately.

1) will make it impossible to send signals from anywhere in the world to any subscriber, and 2) will make the experience of using Aereo quite different from using basic tier CATV service, since the end user will need to set up and maintain his own TV guide. The optional DVR program would also work very differently from any CATV DVR currently in operation.

A Concerned Citizen

p.s. This was such a silly ruling, the plan above actually has some chance of success!

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