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[h=1]Forget the Internet - soon there will be the OUTERNET: Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space[/h]
DailyMail-online has a story about a company planning on sending tiny nano satellites into orbit to provide free wifi. But hold on before you blow it off OR get excited. The plan appears well thought out but the coverage is for places that do not receive internet now. This could really trouble countries that censor or block the www, like N Korea, China, etc. Read on. Also...if you are really into it...see the Reddit discussion link within the article.

New York company says it can beam free OUTERNET Wi-fi to every person on Earth | Mail Online
Well, I guess if you are getting your Internet for "Free" when none was previously available, as long as the ping time is semi-usable it might be a win? It would be interesting to read more on the data rates they are seeing in the "theoretical" space though with the new technology.


Wow. If their goverments couldn't control the Internet in China or North Korea... Things could really get nasty. Plus considering that in some countries revolutions actually began thanks to some Tweets and people decided where to meet to riot on Facebook. And then goverments turned the Internet off for the citizens and well, continuing the rebellion always got more difficult. I wonder what would have happened in many cases if they'd had this invention helping them.
All this sound okay. But if we would get free outrnet , does that mean the government will be spying on all of us even more being that there will be satellites up there to distribute the fee internet. So some how they will be able to channel into our computers or laptops, just like they already do with our phones.
Well, the Internet is fundamentally insecure already, so I don't think we would necessarily see a lower-level of security with space-based services than we do today.
that is a sticky topic @Cali and @Pecola either way ...will the wifi benefit us?will we be able to use it free? in the united states? supposedly its for countries or places who don't get internet? is the purpose for the government to spy on the "under the radar "countries? and ifwe arer being monitored through our electronics.. which I think we are to an instinct but its just that a personal instinct. But No I don't think the security will be lower possibly higher but more focused on the other countries or whatever they shall observe...
Hope it helps:)
Yeah, I had to chuckle on Friday. Working some mortgage stuff with my bank who insisted I fax a ton of documents to them since email was not "secure"....I asked the nice lady if she knew that faxes were just as unsecure??? Did not believe back to the 1980s for me and to the fax machine...I ended up using an online service since the UPS store wanted the equivalent of my kid's college tuition to fax 100 pages of stuff!

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