Frequent 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' Comedian David Brenner Dies at 78


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Comedian David Brenner has died at the age of 78. He was at his New York City home at the time. Perhaps best known for his approximately 158 appearances on 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,' the lanky comedian had a successful night club act, allowing him to perform as recently as 2012.

Brenner's comedy was termed observational humor, comedy which focused on improv versus prepared/canned jokes. While his comedic skill made him a favorite and mentor for other comics including Richard Lewis, his friendly demeanor also made him popular with Carson's viewers. He is believed to be the guest who appeared the most often on Carson's late night series.

The Temple University graduate appeared in the 1989 Mark Harmon film, 'Worth Winning', and in a 1976 TV show called 'SNIP.' While nine episodes of the program were filmed, none of them aired in the United States, the show being canceled by NBC before having hit the air due to one of the characters being gay. It would have been the first show to feature such a character. Besides Brenner, the show starred Lesley Ann Warren and Hope Summers.

As himself, Brenner was seen on shows such as 'Modern Family' in 2010, 'Hollywood Squares' in 2003, 'Tom Cottle: Up Close' in 1982, 'The Mike Douglas Show' (multiple appearances over several years), and 'The Midnight Special' in 1975.

Brenner is survived by his wife Ruth. He was previously married to actress Elisabeth Slater and was engaged for a time to figure skater Tai Babilonia.


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