From cable to Dish Network + with multiple TVs


I have multiple TVs, which currently feed from a central distribution point in a closet.

There are two feeds to the central point: 1. cable 2. Dish network receiver + modulator.

None of the TVs have a cable box. We only subscribe to one Dish Network international channel, which the modulator inserts into the cable feed on channel 77.

Thus, you can watch any cable channel on any TV and/or watch the Dish Network on channel 77. No multiple remotes, clutter of converter boxes, etc. (The dish network receiver is in that closet too.)

All the TVs (at least these I care about) have ATSC tuner so I can watch both analog and digital channels (I don't care much about which one: I am interested in the content and good analog signal is good enough for me.)

At least this has been the setup until Comcast decided to force cable boxes down my throat, switching many channels to digital format(?) that require their box.

So now that Comcast and Dish Network both require extra hardware, I decided to ditch Comcast altogether. However, I still do not want to place a satellite box in every room, and in couple places the TV is mounted on the wall with no space for such box.

One solution could be to place multiple Satellite receivers in the closet (can I connect all of them to one antenna?) one for each TV and have a back feed for the remote's singal (I have extra wiring in the walls) but that seems clunky and complicated.

Is there any other solution, for example a box that will take multiple Satellite channels modulate them as ATSC (or analog) and feed them back through a single cable?

Any other ideas?


This is a common question, as you can imagine, as more and more of the service providers do as Dish Network has always done: Require a box on every television. The seamless, integrated solution, though, is very expensive; if I recall correctly, it's over $10K. There are more affordable solutions (involving a computer) but they are all clunkier than having a satellite (or cable) box on every television.


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Dish has some 2 tuner model receivers but TV1 on all of those receivers use IR remotes meaning the box must be near that TV.

TV2 can be in a remote location as the remote uses a UHF (radio) signal so it can be worked from another room.

I hope this helps. I know it's not great news but a little better than what you have heard so far.
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