From where does an Xi5-P box get signal?



One of our Xi5-P boxes often pixilates. Perhaps it is too far from the signal source. From where does it get signal? Does TV signal come from the modem, or from the X1 box?

Only the X1 box and the modem are connected to the cable. If I turn off the modem, the Xi5-P doesn't provide picture to the TV. If I turn off the X1 box and the modem is on, the Xi5-P seems to work fine, including setting and playing recordings. So, do we really need an X1 box?

Where is recorded content stored? On the X1? Or is it stored somewhere in the Comcast network?

I'd like to understand which pieces of our Comcast set-up communicate with the other pieces, which will hopefully allow me to optimize the physical location of components to provide the best results on all TVs in the house.

"From where does an Xi5-P box get signal?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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