FS2 not on Comcast - XFinity

I am highly dissappointed after switching from Directv that Comcast (the leader in sports....self proclaimed) does not carry Fox Sports 2. Is there any chance that Comcast will ever pick up this channel. The posts I have been reading say there have been some customers grandfathered in from a previous cable supplier but that is it.

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No FS2 in Florida when racing in Florida

Just want to watch Monster Energy Supercross. Every week it's on the same channel FS1. Why is it when they're racing here in Florida, they air it on a channel that is not provided? Wouldn't it just make sense to keep airing it on the same channel? If not, why wouldn't you support the state you're racing in?


people who attend an event are most likely to be travelling from the same state the even is held in, if its shown on TV in that state a lot less people are going to pay money to go see it when they could watch it at home
Ever since I got XFINITY cable packages, I have been really happy with their service. I've had no issues till now. In response to your question whether Comcast will add Fox Sports 2 to its sports channels in the near future is as good a guess as any. I also wasn't getting a few channels. However, upon requesting Comcast I started getting them and now I have a full plethora of programming.

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