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FYI, this thread is from 2009. A lot has changed since then.
I figured that was the glitch. :dizzy:

I think I'm completely out of the FTA loop, cause I only have two windows facing dead east. Is that a correct assumption?

Still, out of curiousity, with a small, under $200 setup what kind of channels can you receive? I assume higher tier cable stations (Fox News, Discovery ...) are out of the question, correct? Can you get local stations? Or can you get the major networks, or antenna TV, MeTV, PBS, etc.? I read somewhere it's mostly religious programming.



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A LOT of religious and foreign language programming, no pay TV programming though. However, there's international news, a bunch of PBS feeds, and some of the Luken networks (RTV, PBJ, etc). There are some "local" stations that have a feed, but chances are they aren't local to you. Then there's "Wild feeds" - where you could find just about anything, but you never know where or when. Here's a list of the English language channels on Ku band:

It's great for people in very remote locations where there is no other options, or if there is a certain channel that you can't get ant other way, and for a lot of people it's a hobby.


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It is is more suited to people after something in particular, but like Pogi says, there are channel feeds, and wild feeds (which can sometimes carry stuff from the "main networks"), once in a while a satellite channel can have problems which require the encryption to be turned off too :).

There is more "generalised" channels on C-band in most places around the world that Ive looked into. Might not be correct for the US... only one way to find out... LyngSat


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A LOT of religious and foreign language programming, no pay TV programming though.
Not totally correct. There is programming on Ku that you can subscribe to.

There is no free "pay TV" programming though... well there is occasionally but those tend to get encrypted really quickly.


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Well depends how you define that, some pay TV channels are just rebroadcasts of FTA satellite channels. But yeah, nothing other than bottom rung "pay" stations.
Actually there have been some top tier channels that have been in the clear, such as the History channel.


A noob question. What kind of programming is currently available? WAAY back I thought there were pirate-like channels...as in guys who just made their own content or something like that. Was that true? I see derelict dishes rotting away in people's yards once in a while...or the poles rusting in yards. Who runs the "system" and control what is sent up and out of the satellites? How is money made? Advertising?
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