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This question is about "FYI: Hotspots not for all Spectrum customers.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi,

I'm posting this so some of you don't waste time trying to access the hotspots. I was a timewarner cable customer. Timewarner is now Spectrum. My bill comes from spectrum now. I 've been told I'm grandfathered in. I pay $14.99 for the slowest speed they had at the time (3M d/l, 1M u/l) . I do not have access to hotspots because I don't pay enough even though Spectrum does not show any restrictions in the web site. I wish I knew that two months ago to avoid wasting all that time talking to technical support . I do not see the value to increase my level of service just for the hotspots. There is wifi available everywhere nowdays.

I hope this will save you time If you have a service level similar to mine.

Be happy, enjoy life.

FYI: Hotspots not for all Spectrum customers.?

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