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This question is about "Getting Internet (First Time) some (Q's).", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi.

I am planning to order Internet service cable from Spectrum next month.

Never used an ISP. Normally use free internet from StarBucks or local Library.

Start off with the 200 Mbps plan. Will buy[FONT=Amazon Ember, Arial, sans-serif] AsusRt-Ac66u_B1[/FONT] router and use Spectrum Modem for connection.


Currently have 1 room on 4th of 20 floors in NYC. Apartment is very small. Very crowed/congested area.. Many wifi signals outside of building. Will have only 1 connection (Dell XPS 13 4gb Ram, 256 SSD) laptop. No printer.


Heavy TV/Video streaming on a HDTV using a new Nvidia Shield Android box. Prefer no buffering.

Surfing, moderate downloading, some video streaming and application development on PC.


Will Spectrum send out tech support to my apartment for installation? Extra charge?

Considering my environment, do you suggest I use Wireless or Ethernet connection?

Any suggestion for maintaining a strong internet signal. i.e. hardware (different router), increase Mbps etc?



Getting Internet (First Time) some (Q's).?