Ghost Towns....


The town I moved from back in September, which is 2 1/2 hours away. is actually smaller than the town I live in currently. But I have noticed a very big difference. In the town I lived in there was not a day of the week or weekend that the streets were not busy. But the town I currently live in. Almost everyday during the week the streets are busy. But when it comes to Sunday, this town like like a ghost town. The only place that seems to be open is the wal-mart. Everywhere else is closed. you actually hardly ever see anyone out on a Sunday, unless its to the countless churches in this town. But after church is over no one is out.

I actually enjoy walking around on a Sunday in this town because of how quite it actually is. I have yet to figure out why the town is actually like that tho. But everyone here is way nicer than the town I used to live in. And the sad part is, I grew up in the town I left. I would prefer never to go back to that town. But I know, I am going to have to. Because almost all of my family lives in that town and I have another child due soon. So far I have actually been able to get my mother and my step-dad to come visit me, just so I don't have to go back to that town. It is actually sad when the town you grew up in you never actually want to be in again.