Go Dolphins Go

As a Dolphins fan, I have been let down for the majority of my life, but I still continue to support them. I think as a fan you accept a win any way that you can get one. However, the win against the Browns was one of the most distasteful wins I have ever seen. We, yes I said we because it’s a family thing, have the talent to be elite on defense and middle of the tier on offense, similar to the Vikings. Yet, for whatever reason the defense couldn’t figure out how to stop Terrelle Pryor. It was no secret that the guy was going to lineup at wide receiver and quarterback with the potential to essentially run a wildcat type of offense. Was this not in the defensive game plan or were the Browns so good at executing their game plan that it did not matter how much the Dolphins prepared for that situation?
The offense actually has shown glimpses of being brilliant and then glimpses of truly struggling. I guess that’s the case with most offenses, but I’m just to the point of being over the experiment and I’m ready to see results. I get it that the AFC East is probably the best division in football and as long as two men, Belichick and Brady, are around it is unlikely to see the Dolphins win the AFC East, but a wildcard spot is achievable. I’m not here to bad mouth my favorite team, but instead to just rant about what I see on the field.
The Seahawks loss was a tough one to swallow. I expected the Dolphins’ offense to struggle, but also expected their defense to shine. Both of those expectations were held true until the final drive of the game. The Dolphins let that game slip away against a team they outplayed and out performed for 55 minutes. As a fan those are heartbreaking losses. I wanted to go into work and brag to my friends about how the Dolphins have turned it around and their defense was elite and to be able to back up all the trash I was talking before the season. Instead I went into work frustrated. I’m one of those fans that lets football affect my mood because I’m passionate about the NFL and my Miami Dolphins.
The loss to the Patriots was a tale of two halves. We made Garroppolo look like he was a freaking all-pro quarterback. The guy couldn’t miss, but that injury was what saved the Dolphins from losing by 40. I never wish injury on anyone, but I state what I believe the truth. Without that injury the Dolphins would have lost by 40. Now, in the second half the Dolphins had a chance to tie or win the game on their final drive… interception. Once again, heartbroken on the final drive.
This week against the Browns… Missed field goals by the Browns led to a Dolphins victory on the final drive of the game. YES it is turned around. Go Dolphins!!!!
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