Google Buys Rights to Satellite Imagery: The GeoEye in the Sky

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Google has signed a deal under which GeoEye will supply the search giant with imagery from a satellite due to launch in coming days, the companies said.
Looks like Google Earth is soon going to have more clarity and even higher resolution with it's virtual map of the world.

In the deal, Google will be able to use images up to a resolution of 50cm. Apparently, the GeoEye satellite has the highest quality of pictures available in the commercial satellite imagery market.

Google spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz said,
"It is our goal to display high-resolution imagery for as much of the world as possible, and GeoEye-1 will help further that goal."
Google's logo will also be on the side of the rocket. LOL

I bet the blogosphere and privacy advocates will take some notice after images from the GeoEye get integrated into Google Earth.

Link to more information about the GeoEye: