Google Fiber: Making headway


Google is testing out their fiber in the Kansas City area. Some critics say Google is targeting only upscale locations but recent surveys show this is not the case. The street survey, where the fiber is available, showed that Google is getting 75% acceptance at a wide range of income levels.

"In Kansas City, Google Fiber sells a standalone 1Gbps broadband service for $70 per month, a 1-Gig/pay-TV package that starts at $120 per month, and a “free” Internet service (5 Mbps down by 1 Mbps up stream) in exchange for a $300 construction fee."


One thing that nobody can argue with is the fact that startups in Kansas City have been blooming! Well, the cost is not off putting. Especially if you take into account the huge investment in this field, the monthly package seems almost reasonably priced. Now, we will see how this turns out over time for people living and working in Kansas City.